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By Wyll Dyke

In the third year of Varsity Darts, and after successfully winning two out of two titles in previous years, UWE were finally defeated 4-3 by the team that UoB put out.
Held on the evening of the 9th November at Walkabout in the centre of Bristol, it was a sell-out
event that had been eagerly anticipated as a result of it being the first proper Varsity event of
the 2017/18 academic year.
A night to dream, push limits, and hit 180s. For many, Varsity is a chance to get involved, make
a name for yourself, and wear your university’s colours with pride. Students from both
universities and neutrals filled the venue, creating a competitive atmosphere in which the darts
were played.
First up for UWE, Blackshire saw off UoBs Al-Hariri confidently. This was then followed by two
victories from Lucas and Bunclarke for the boys in grey – 3-0 and the win at that point was
looked imminent.
As the tables began to turn, UoB won two legs before the break, with strong arrows fired in from
players Angel and Lloyd.
During the break, the crowd attitudes seemed to favour UoB, whose voices could be heard from
the street; prompting the UWE team captain, Skeldon, to comment on the “hostility” of his
“biggest stage” yet.
The referee commenced play for the final time and UoB’s Clarkson entered the stage to Kaiser
Chiefs’ I Predict A Riot and a riot ensued for UWE. A sixth leg defeat, evening scores out
heading into the decider.
It was Stephenson for UoB who threw the last dart into the coffin of UWE, just about seeing off
UWE’s man, Clayton.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening had by all who attended, especially the bow-tied
announcer in red, whose energy added to the authenticity of the night.
Two universities, one city. Bristol.


UWEs next opportunity at levelling out the Varsity score is at the Water Polo event on the 2nd
December at Hengrove Pool.

Tickets for future Varsity events are on sale now at

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